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With heart racing he rounded the building but niethor Jim or Shi'ire where in sight. He stopped glancing one way then the other. He had to suppress calling out to the boy in fear that his past self would hear.
Where was the boy? Jim couldn't have moved that fast.
With quickened steps he made his way to the stable. 


Sneaking up to one side of the entrance, he carefully brought his ear as close to the entry as he could, while remaining hidden.
He could hear slow heavy breathing, with the occasional sniff or snort, and a very distinctive grunt, Shi'ire's normal sounds when he slept. Other similar sounds confirmed the rest of the herd, but there were no audible cues of a human presence.
He risked a quick glance in, but the dull red light from the heat lamps showed only the sleeping herd, each member in its stall.
Jim and the retrotemporal Shr'ire were nowhere to be seen.
Then he heard a sound to the left, towards where in that time should be the nearly completed tractor shed.
Slowly and carefully, he made his way towards the sound...


Carfuly looking though the frame of an unfinished wall of the shed, making sure to be hiden in the shadows and darkness of the night, he spotted Jim and Shi'ire. Jim was scratching the stallions neck and ears as he looked skyward, taking in the stars that had yet to be obscured by a roof.
"Why do you think she hates me, boy?" The boy whispered. 
Who was he talking about? Fred wondered. Jim didn't even have a girlfriend or cush as far as he knew. A matter that had worried him given Jims age. At 16 the boy should have show some intrest in trying to date by now. Fred had suspected that Jim was gay, but he had clearly heard the boy say 'she'. Even if his son had been gay he would not have cared. But he would have been worried as they still lived in part of the country where a large part of the people thought that gay men should be lynched and lesbians just need a real man to set them sraight.
Shi'ire rested his neck onthe boys shoulder as his ear was scratched. The horse snorted. "I wish I could talk to dad as easy as I can you. I just don't know what to say around him." 
Shi'ire nuzzled the boys hand.


"Come on boy, let's get ya bedded down for the night."

Fred stayed hiden in the shadows. He was thinking about his sons worries. Then his head jerked up.

Past Shi'ire was already bedded down for the night. He had to stop Jim.


Did he just stop Jim and say he take Shi'ire to the stable? No! What if the boy ran into past Fred a few moments later?  He could always run to the stable and move past Shi'ire. Which meant future Shi'ire had already lived through this mix up. Yet it seamed his best course of action. 

No matter how you cut it, time travel always ended up in a paradox.

No where to hide the past stallion until Fred could get this back under control?

With bearly a second to spare, he reached the stable, got past Shi'ire on his hoofs, and out the back of the stables just as Jim lead the future Shi'ire through the front. The boy might have seen the past stallion's tail swish if the boy had not been so preoccupied with his dilemma about his female crush.


Shi'ire moved slowly and sleepy behind Fred, as the human tryed to think of a place to hide the stallion.

"Where we go?"

Fred shush the horse. "I don't know yet."

Shi'ire stopped moving and Fred to a few more steps before he was pulled up short by the tight unmoving lead roap. He looked back his eyes narrow with agitation.

"We need to get out of sight," Fred hissed.


 The racking of a shotgun immediately drew Fred’s attention.  He looked towards the sound standing there was a man dress completely black holding a pump action 12 gage. Fred  couldn’t make out the man’s features in the dark, Even if the sun has been shining he couldn’t identify the man. Black ski mask covered his face and black leather gloves covered his hands.


”Nice looking horse you have there,”  he said in a gravelly voice.


"Look if you come to wrestle my livestock I can legally hang you in this state," Fred stated flatly and as calmly as he could while looking down the end of the shotgun.


"I'm not here to take your horse friend," the man grind evilly. "I'm here to stop you with messing with time."


Fred looked around with his eyes trying to find a way out of this mess.


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