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1 hour ago, Bear28 said:

Round Robin is open to everyone to add to the story. So if you got something please add.

Most others that tell stories better than me.... 


Suddenly, Shi"ire charged forward, pulling Fred at the end of the lead and bowling the masked man over! The 12 gauge roared harmlessly into the sky and the man screamed powerlessly into it as well when a huge rear hoof planted artfully hard onto his crotch laying on the ground. Fred, gaining his balance and senses, scrambled for the wide back of the lumbering stallion who, once his human cargo was safe, poured on speed for open country.

(The idea of the Round Robin is to get ALL to join in, "good storytellers" or not, like around a campfire. You just may surprise yourself, give it a shot and have some fun [img]<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile.png[/img]/emoticons/[email protected] 2x" title=":)" width="20" />  )



Only when they were miles away did Fred let Shi'ire slow to a stop. He patted his friend's neck grateful to still be alive.

"Thank you."

Shi'ire slightly nodded as he regained his breath.

"If you really want to thank me, extra oats and lay off the donuts."


With a sigh Fred shook his head.

"I can't help it if donuts are delicious."

Both turned to look at the far off ranch in the darkness, wondering what to do next. Not only did they have to deal with time paradox but now someone activly trying to stop them.


Fred reached up with a shaking hand and pulled the black mask off his head, using it to wipe his sweaty, gray brow. "Damn!" he cursed, "So close! So damned close! I've gotta stop this! Stop it before it's too late!" He started forward, then suddenly reached for his chest...


.....tearing at the tuft of feathers on the quivering tranq dart.  Shi"ire grabbed the back of his pants and took off with clenched teeth, 2 darts in his own ample backside only enough dose to slow his ton-plus body mass slightly.   


It had been two days since the two had faced the masked stranger and escaped. He didn't know where Fred was. The two had become separated when the masked man had tracked them down again. Now the sedative was working through his blood. He felt tired but was still going.

Another dart slammed into the ground near him. The stallions speed saved him from being hit as the dart almost hit him.

The masked man corrected his aim, aiming at where the horse would be, instead of where the stallion was. Three more darts sank into Shi'ire's body in rapped secession.

Shi'ire turned to run the man down but before he got very far his blood seamed to congeal and his mussels locked. With a stumbling crash the stallion's legs gave out and everything went blurry before the world faded to nothingness.


Jim was slowly walking down the road, making his way back from school. He was whistling softly as he contemplated his problems. He was thanking of the new girl who had moved into town a few months back. He had tried talking to her and asking her out but she had just laughed at him. Yet every time he saw her he got tongue tied and broke out in a cold sweat. He had never really been a people person and with it just being him and his dad for as long as he could remember he had no idea how to talk to a girl.

He was still a few miles from home when he pulled up short and glanced to the side of the road when he heard a moan.


Jim cautiously approached the ditch where the moan came from. A man lay there blood pooling under him. Jim turned the man over slowly and was shocked when he saw his father's blood covered face.


Jim could not stand the sight of his father's injured face. He was a strong boy, but the horror of seeing his father wounded his mind went blank.

Jim felt sick. Looking down at his injuries and listening to the man's shallow breathing he knew he had to do something. He had the responsibility to get his father back to the house before he died. Yet he didn't know if he should move him or go for help.


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