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"If you keep doing that you're going to break your leg."
Hank stepped into his old sheep shed as the sun was starting to set. He had just given his small flock of sheep fresh water. Now he started to buck hay into the inside pen for the herd. As he worked, the familiar sounds of the sheep filled the air. The munching of the older ewes and the soft bleating of the lambs that where a few months old. He couldn't help but smiles as he watched them go about their evening routine. A light wind made a loose sheet of tin siding bang as it slapped the old wood. He really need to hammer a nail into it. The shed was a simple structure, made out of weathered wood and faded paint with tin sheets hammered onto the outside walls. It had been in the family for three generations, and Hank had spent countless hours working inside its walls. He stood on one side of the old wooden partition of 2 x 4's and leaned over to scratch the wool of one of the ewes who was munching on the hay. The shed held a special kind of peace for him.

Though his patch of earth lay miles from any of his neighbors, the nearest being almost ten miles down the road. He liked spending time in the shed with its old wood and familiar scent of sheep. He leaned against the fence and watched the sun dip lower in the sky. The setting sun painting the sky in brilliant shades of orange, red, and pink. He felt a sense of peach wash over him as he took in the moment to soak in the simple beauty of the evening and the simple pleasures of his farm life and he knew he was exactly where he was meant to be. With a contented sigh, he was ready to head back to the farmhouse, ready to call it a day. Opening a small gate that lead into the sheep pen he walked through the ewes and lambs as he neared the large double doors and closed them for the night. He took a quick moment to see that none of the ewes where missing before shutting the last door, and sliding the wooden plank into place that shuttered the doors closed.

He turned and returned to the gate ready to head back to the house.
As he walked back, he could hear the sheep settling in for the night, their soft murmurs and occasional bleats filling the air. Hank felt a sense of satisfaction wash over him as he thought about his day's work. He had cared for his flock, tended to his land, and felt the satisfaction of a hard day's work well done.

As he reached the gate he found his way blocked by one of his favorite ewes.

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