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found this place through stitch recommending it on a similar forum
hello! we are a DID system. there are a few zoosexual alters, and zooromantic, overall very zoophilic in this head of ours.

we are transmasculine bodily. use they in the plural to refer to us, or ask if talking to/about a specific alter. the majority of us are non-humans.

we are pro-contact and anti-zoosadism (like any decent zoophile!)

We like music, writing and reading. we also play a lot of minecraft. one thing all of us share is the joy of creation. wether this be art, writing, music, minecraft builds, crafts or even Twitter shitposts. 

our first zoo experience might have been with the neighbour's dog who died when we were 10. the dog was the same age as us, so we grew up together. i don't know exactly how we loved him, but we did. we cried when he died. he was incredibly important to us and may have imprinted on us. (quillbot autocorrectied 'have been the' to 'have been with the' Big Grin)

our most recent is our cat. i don't know exactly, but it is not platonic or familial. i'd say it's most comparable to something queerplatonic.

we copied then edited this intro from another forum (zoo community) because we're lazy and don't like typing the same things twice.

welcome on in
hello and welcome....
Wow, I missed this until now, but welcome!

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