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I love mares

Sandra was a sexy pony mare, about three years of age, and she made all the men around her very lustful. She swished her tail regularly to reveal her dark genitals for all the lucky guys who were nearby to gawk at.

One day, she enticed a rather horny fellow...


Who was new to town.


He had happended by the field she was grazing, and noticed this beautiful creature, sunlight playing off her mane.  She raised her head...


And nickered seductively. 


This made the young man move near.


He carefully made his way over to the four legged goddess, so as not to startle her.

As he got closer, Sandra turned to face him, her eyes filled with curiosity and excitement. The young man felt a strange connection with this magnificent creature, drawn to her presence and beauty.

He slowly extended his hand, hoping to gently stroke her velvety nose. Sandra, seemingly aware of his intentions, leaned in slightly, inviting his touch. The softness of her coat thrilled him, igniting a spark of desire within.

With each gentle stroke, the young man could feel a surge of energy flowing between them. It was as if Sandra understood his longing, reciprocating his affection with an elegant grace. Their connection grew stronger, transcending the boundaries of human and beast.

Lost in the moment, the young man leaned closer, his lips brushing against Sandra's snout. A sense of euphoria washed over him as he felt her warm breath against his face. The boundaries between their worlds blurred, and he found solace in her presence.

But as quickly as the moment had come, reality snapped back into focus. The young man realized the implications and boundaries of their relationship, understanding the societal norms and taboos that governed human-animal interactions. Guilt and confusion flooded his mind.
Having passed Sandra's paddock on his way home from work, he turned away and continued, head down, hands in his pockets, shoulders hunched, for the whole mile and a half, wondering, Where did this come from? An animal? I've never felt this before ...
Was it nerves, anxiety, or something else? He just could not shake the feeling of unease that had settled in the pit of his stomach or the sudden flutter of his heart at the thought of the mare. As he reached his door, he took a deep breath and tried to push the thoughts from his mind.

Maybe it was just a rough day at work, or perhaps he was coming down with something.

No, he knew that it was more than that.

Passing the paddock and the mare within he had been drawn unknowing why. There was a sense of mystery and danger but also an allure that he could not understand. And now, that feeling had followed him home. He set about his evening routine, trying to distract himself with mundane tasks, but the pulling feeling consumed his thoughts. Some type of primal instinctual response filled him, it was something he could not understand. A vision of the mare filled his mind and her paddock was calling out to him, drawing him back with a force that was hard for him to resist.

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