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How many human partners have you had?

to many to count...


I have ejaculated in 6 or 8.



4 or 5 over my life.  Nowhere near as many mares, cows, sheep or goats I've been with [img]<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/tongue.png[/img]/emoticons/[email protected] 2x" title=":P" width="20" />



Hold on, hold on... 


I'm still counting!


One more than was good for me.


ok i am finally done...658...partners that is...does that include any dosey doing...swing your partner round and round...that sort of thing...


i’m a 44 yo married man with 6 kids i work hard pay my taxes etc but i can honestly say i’ve been sexually active since the age of 10 and if i include my underage years i have fucked at least 100 women but thad is including paying for high class escorts and street hookers and roughly 8 gay guys only 1 of which wasn’t gay but took my load on my stag night along with a off the street junkie we paid to do whatever we wanted to and my daughter’s bisexual friend’s 


I've had two women on my life, and they all were pretty sad... One was pretty much a demanding one who wanted everything,gave her cash for shopping, housed her, and demanded I took her for dinner... She was out in a couple days as soon I knew about the cheating. Had the pleasure to tell it in public and rub salt on the wound.

And second one ended up being highly disturbing (won't go into details) after our breakup in summer I was lucky to find my first feral love at my ranch so... I can safely say my summer partner was much more affectionate, warmer and cuddlier than any of my two exes. And more beautiful even!

Easy. Zero.
The most wonderful feeling in the world is love with my female dogs.
God put all his energy to create the most beautiful animal, the female dog.
In terms of long term relationships, four. In terms of sexual partners ... a dozen perhaps? My last human relationship ended about 20 years ago, my last fling about 10 years ago. I have plenty of available friends with benefits, just don't have much interest anymore.

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