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A Few Haikus
Handful of haiku;

Written a long time ago;

Found on my hard drive.

I wrote these for a contest on a long-gone forum, around 1999-ish.  They are all in the traditional 5-7-5 form.

Some Zooish Haiku  by Dingo Jay
Best friend and lover
Soft fur against my bare skin
She lives to please me.
He sits before me
Pink delight peeks from his sheath
Awaiting my touch.
Cold nose,  amber eyes
Half-wild to her last breath
My dangerous mate!
His past a nightmare
Flinching under a caress
He learns to trust me.
Busy herding dog
Coat matted with dust and muck
Hides the love within.
Junkyard Doberman
Enjoys the release we share
Then wants to cuddle.
Her gaze locked with mine
Her musk intoxicating
I can't resist her.
Warm tongue and whiskers
Signalling his desire
How does he sense mine?
His paw on my knee
He has that look in his eyes
I am late for work.
Dingo Jay

I think we were on the same forum, as that's when I wrote the few zoo ones I posted here. I only seem to write Haikus for contests. Yours are much better than mine. I especially like the last one. It conveys everything a Haiku is supposed to be, and does so while creating an image all can relate to here. Good work.


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