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Becoming the wolf

    It all began one afternoon when a guy from the bush, named Bill was heading to go camping in the deep woods of Alaska. Bill made it to his campsite after several hours of driving his beaten down old dodge through endless trails engolfed by wilderness..
    He set up camp and started a fire as night time slowly approached, he cooked up some food and was eating when all of a sudden he heard a crack noise, like someone stepped on a twig..
   Bill looked around attentive of what the noise was, trying to figure out what had made it, he looks around and doesnt see anything.. Yet he's unaware of a wolf coming up behind him, until he slowly turns around because of the feeling of breath on the back of his neck......


...There was a second or so of dead silence, which seemed like an eternity.
"AAAGGGHHHhhh!!!" he screamed as he tumbled backwards toward the fire, his spork, cup and bowl twirling in the air and landing in the thin snow. He stopped short of the campfire, at the center of the clearing.
The Wolf stood firm, its eyes of burnished gold flickering from its solid onyx-black coat, blacker than the flickering shadows cast by the fire.
But not all of the shadows were from the Wolf.
Other forms began to emerge from the woods, Two Whitetail Bucks and two Does appeared, seemingly from nowhere, as did two Brown Bears. They were joined by four Owls; two Great Horned, and two Great Grey.
A pair of Canada Lynx appeared, as well as two great Wapiti.Two Golden and two Bald Eagles joined the gathering, as did four Caribou.
Directly opposite the clearing from the first black Wolf, a Wolf of the purest snowy white suddenly appeared, as did two Greys, one to the left, one to the right, forming the four points of the compass.
Then from above came the strangest sound. Bill looked up, and found himself staring into a noisy black whirlwind. It lowered into the clearing, tightened into a ring, and finally came to a stop, resolving into a dozen great black Ravens, forming a perfect circle on the snow-frosted ground, exactly halfway between the fire, and the gathered company at the edge of the clearing.
All faced outward towards the gathering, and seemed to be conversing with them. It went on for several minutes.
Then suddenly, all fell dead silent, as all the Ravens turned in unison to face Bill.
The Raven nearest him glanced about the gathering, nodded, approached the fire, and pulled out the skewer rod, its end glowing a dull red. It approached Bill, and the sight of that great black Bird approaching him with the glowing steel rod and that drilling, piercing stare, sent him from fear to terror.
But as he began to feel the glow from the rod, the Raven turned away, walked to a point halfway between its landing spot & Bill, and plunged the hot end of the rod into the thin snow,
And as it sizzled & sputtered, the Raven walked around and manipulated the rod, making deep scratches in the snow. The other Ravens gathered around, and used their beaks to clarify the marks.
Then the first Raven gave an "AAAKKK", and thrust the end of the rod into the ground. The other Ravens retreated, and the first one came up to Bill, went beak to nose in a hard stare, then went back to the scratchings. It pointed its beak at them, then turned its gaze back to Bill, letting out another "AAAKKK".
For all of his fear and confusion, the message was clear.
So he went from sitting to all fours, made his way forward, and looked down at the scratches in the snow...


The quarter moon casting shadows on the silver snow. Making the raven runes seam to dance the letters dark and looking like dried blood. The raven keened as he trembled in fear.
The strange  symbols unknown to him. His heart raced as he tryed to  decipher their meaning. 


The ravens started fluttering, forming a circle yet again but in the sky instead; everything feeling still, the animals surrounding him stared with great intent..
The runes in the snow started to shift and forum letters, as they danced together, the wolf's began to approach him..
Bill was froze in panic and couldn't move a muscle, he tried to make out what the letters were in the snow and was shocked by what he read.........


He shivered as he read the words, that where both alien and familler. His mind trying to process them as the wolf slowly ran a claw across his face. The claw was more a slow caress then an attack. His heart raced as the hot breath of the wolf steamed the back of his neck.


Bill couldn't stop shaking his head, as though it would make this all stop. The symbols ... he knew he was *supposed* to be able to read them, but something was preventing him.

The wolf's paw touching him was as big as his hand ... hands ... feet ...

He looked at the animals waiting in silence, looked into their eyes and could only know that they *expected* something from him--*what?*

*Touch your mother.*

Where'd *that* come from--? It just--it was a chorus, not a single voice, and not words at all, but certain in its meaning ...

*Touch your mother.*

"How? How do I do that?"

He got no answer, but as he looked around, the one thing he saw was that all those watching him were ... standing ... on the earth ...

*Your Mother*

Then he looked down at himself and it hit him. He looked back up at them all. "You mean--?"


Bill sat on the snow and removed his boots and socks, then stood up. The cold bit into his feet for a second and then felt warm, and that's when he felt the first change, with an overwhelming sensation that he was breathing through the soles of his feet.


Next the coldness of the night left his body. His bear feet in the snow now felt like they where on warm sand. His nostrils flared as they became overwhelmed with scents that his human one could never detect. His breath caught as he stared hypnotically into the eyes of the wolf who was standing before him.

He opened his mouth to speak but before he could even imagine a sound he fell into a comforting darkness and knew no more.


The next hing Bill remembered was that he got aware of a shiver in his groin, a kind of being exhauted, but still comfortable. Some smaller scratches on his back itched a little, he had no idea how they had come there. He looked around him a gain and saw that the wolves were still there, all excpect the white one had moved a little back. He could see some cat-like eyes reflecting the light from his camp fire, and assumed it was the lynxes.  

The eagles seemed to have left when the situation did not develop like they had expected.  Some noises in the forest bottom outside the reach of the camp fire suggested that some of the other animals were still there, or maye some other had joined?


He shook his head to clear it. He reached up a hand to wipe his eyes only to find a paw instead. With wide eyes he looked at his body.

"This has to be a dream," he whispered as he took in the black fur that now covered his body. No longer human but that of a wolf. He got shakaly to his feet falling over until he got his new legs under him that used to be his arms. He looked back at his rump now with a tail that slightly moved with a mind of its own.


The stretching and reformation of his bone structure, plus his own skin had exhausted Bill. And yet, he felt oddly re-vitalized, like he could go bounding for miles... His newly furred body was quite pleasant, instead of being cold in the snow. Who knew that form this could possibly be better from the one he was used to? Bill contemplated this with mild amusement. Then, as he began to chuckle, which sounded like a breathy purring; with regular stops, he heard something. He was sure he had bared his teeth, but couldn't tell. It was almost like-

Crunches, footsteps, or...   The sound of many paws in the snow.


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