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Becoming the wolf

Looking around him and slowly turning in a circle he watched as a ring of wolves slowly aproched him. Their eyes flashing in the light of the moon. The other animals parted to let the wolves move to Bill.

One grey wolf slowly aproched him when the others stopped. Bill was filled with fear as the wolf sniffed his newly formed wolf nose.


 He stared into the golden eyes of the other wolf that sniffed  him, afraid to move.  The other wolf locked eyes with him. As much as Bill wanted to break off I contact he found that he was paralyzed and could not turn his eyes away or even blink.


 The wolf circled him. 

Its movements were graceful yet deliberate, keeping a constant, haunting gaze fixed on Bill. The predator's powerful body moved with ease, displaying dominance and control. Bill's heart pounded in his chest as he stood frozen, unsure of what this encounter could mean for him.

The other wolf's golden eyes seemed to penetrate his very soul, searching for any signs of weakness or vulnerability. Its sharp snout caught the scent of fear emanating from Bill, causing the hair on his back to stand on end. Each step the wolf took around him felt like a tightening noose, causing panic to rise within him.

It was as if the wolf was assessing him, deciding his fate. Bill's mind raced with questions - should he try to run, or would that invite attack? Was there any chance of escape, or was he destined to become prey?
As the tension grew between them, his instincts kicked in. he knew that he had to stay calm and he had to master his fear and try to assert his own dominance. Something that was hard to do ringed by wolves. He met the wolf's gaze with a steely determination trying to hide his own fear.

Taking a deep breath, Bill slowly started to stand and back away, keeping his eyes locked on the wolf's. The predator watched him closely, its muscles tense and ready to react. Bills heart was pounding but his resolve to hide his fear firm but as he moved back he heard one of the other wolves give a low growl.

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