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Hello. My name is Stitch, and I am a zoophile.

Zoosexuality is beautiful, valid and natural to me. I am open minded and creative. Back then, I was a former anti and used to send hate to zoophiles. Now that I look back on it, it was wrong and embarrassing.

Earlier 5 months ago.. I realized what I am. Who I truly am. A zoophile. I belong here. That I am not sick or mentally ill. 

When I joined the zoophilia community I was welcomed instantly by kind, understanding people, not bigot hypocrites like in the furry fandom.   Heart

My view on zoosexuality is that it is not a sick thing to be a zoophile. You can’t control attractions. You should find love, no matter their species. The recognition of nonhuman animals are important.  Tongue

I am a therian but i am not a furry because of how bigoted they now are.

That is it for my introduction.  Sleepy
Hi and welcome
hello and welcome...

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