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How many human partners have y...
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How to Hide from a Drone.
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I love mares
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Roll Call, let us know you're ...
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Zoos who are missing from the ...
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Basically my way of saying merging things from here to ZCA. I can adjust the text limit there incase some stories need more than the current limit. My name is huskbernard there. If some would rather keep a certain email, I could help accommodate that. As ZCA allows certain email providers. zoocadia.net
Things got in the way long ago when I had planned to get this moved to a new forum. I could offer to get some writing sections setup if not in the forums, but the resources area where it can be a bit more organized for stories and other literature.
ZCA is a separate of a smaller "friendly" group, they are quite active with each other, it may seem to new members that the forum itself is dead, but in fact it is not. It's a little hard to fit in, like any new forum, but after that it's fine.
Hello friendos.Haww lover here ?
We still keep moving along.
about as active, but way more folks.
oh and sorry for your loss heavyhorse...
why was i encouraged to sign up for zoocadia....it is about as active as here...
it sucks you're having to deal with the leagal side of his stuff Sad
Hey Heavyhorse.... sorry for your loss. It' sucks you
When you get to a certain age it seems like a lot of those around you start dropping. I lost the single human closest to me some months ago, just now digging out from under the legal fallout. I haven't visited here much, largely other crap going on, as well as I have a lot of trouble navigating this new format, and the really best writers that drew me here in the first place have fallen silent, some mid-story line.
That's really sad...
Last I heard from him, FWIW, I can't give details but he was showing signs of cognitive decline, getting basic zoo history facts that I know we both knew at one point wrong, etc. I have no idea what happened but it's certainly sad anyways.
I don't know anyone whom knows for certain, but given the sudden dropoff and timing, its a tragically safe assumption he's crossed rainbow bridge, and given his last post was in September of 2020, its not far fetched we lost him to Covid. That's purely speculative, but the timing makes it a reasonable probability. Its hard not knowing for certain, but I have been grieving.
hope all are well
My account email worked.
sadly no. I asked in a few groups and ones that know of him haven't heard anything.
i see silverwolf went missing a while back. did anyone ever figure out what happened to him?
been gone a while. hope everyone has been well
257 accounts awaiting activation.... Seems legit. lol. Hm, should check if emails are at least working.
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